Create room

İsteğe bağlı
The names of the users who can join the room. Users will automatically join the room and get a notification about it.
İsteğe bağlı
Allow room access using a password.

Admin options

This option allows you to enable room access based on user group.
This option allows you to display room based on the user's account language setting.

This option allows you to control if the user can leave or not the room once joined.

If checked, users who join this room won't be able to post anything.

If locked, users won't be able to join the room until the set date.

This option allows you to get room messages in a RSS feed. Once enabled, the RSS link will show up when you click the "Link" icon in room list for this room.

Users will have to wait this many seconds between posting messages. Users with the permission "Can bypass flood check" will be exempt from this option.

This option allows you to auto-prune messages every x hours. Set to 0 to disable it.

If a thread ID is set, messages posted in this room will be posted in that thread as well.
This option allows you to post thread replies into the room.

This option allows you to automatically repost the messages you post in this room in other rooms.